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The Loveland High Desert Church, (LLHD), has become a family of like minded individuals. A family that really cares about each other's needs and concerns. A common concern started spreading through the family. Our place of worship was the Cinemark Theater at the Victor Valley Mall. The theater had comfortable seats, a big screen, but limited access, which many of our family members believed was a hindrance to growth and community outreach. The Campus Pastor, had some meetings. We wanted to resolve this situation. The general consensus was to take the concerns to prayer. LLHD, started having Intercessory Prayer at 5am, hosted by Pastor Jean Barefield. Some miraculous things started happening and we believe it was a result of our 5am Intercessory Prayer. One example was Pastor Barbara Fomby's son, Curless,,was involved in a car accident. Curless's pick up truck rolled several times and was a crumpled heap of metal. When the first responders arrived and saw the vehicle their minds went from rescue to retrieve. As they searched the vehicle for the remains, they heard a voice, "here I am". Her son had miraculously walked away from the accident. LLHD started another Intercessory Prayer. This additional prayer line now starts at 1pm hosted by Deaconess Sherline Colbert.

The Cinemark Theater was our Sunday place of worship for almost ten years. God started closing that door. The theater advised us we had to move. The theater was due for  renovation and some blockbuster movies were being released. Cinemark suggested their other theater across the 15 freeway. The LLHD family did not really like that location. It was smaller, older and darker. God opened a door.

A church building became available for lease. It was like a prayer had come true. The caveat was the start up cost. The funds were not available. The Campus Pastor remember a message shared by Dr Kodgoe Sumney. A congregation in  Uganda needed a place of worship. The members started giving and one member even sold her car and rode the bus to give to that cause. LLHD was asked to give. LLHD responded 100%+, by giving over and above their tithes. LLHD has given over $7300.00 to cover start up cost. There are more pledges that are outstanding. We will soon be like King David where we will have to ask the LLHD family to stop their giving. But we also do not want the people to miss out on their gift and worship through their giving.

The new location is an exciting place for Loveland and the LLHD family. We have plenty of CLOSE parking. There is a baptismal, plenty of classroom space for our children, youth, Sunday School and Step Classes. We also have enough space for the Loveland MASS Choir to come and visit[hint:)]. Our team of Ministers: Pastor Harold and Vernize Patton, Pastor Barbara and Deacon Earl Fomby, Pastor Melba and Deacon Marvin White, Pastor Jean Barefield, Pastor Billy and Rose Bauer, Pastor Jerry and Gloria Garrett, Minister Gus and Jacqueline King, Pastor Mike and Patrice Williams and Pastor Hugh and Luella Hairston Esq. really stepped up to the plate, by encouraging and supporting this effort.


Campus Pastor,

Hugh Hairston  

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